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  • Sustainable Travel Living Lab

    Better business via Sustainable Travel


    The Sustainable travel innovation programme is a series of events, workshops and urban experiments aimed at raising awareness and ultimately behaviour change amongst local businesses in the direction of sustainable transport (car share, electric mobility, public transport and active modes like walking, cycling and running).


    The concept is inspired by our team's work with the pioneering Z.E.N (zero missions network) project in East London, which over a period of 4 years has resulted in 1000+ businesses participating in various mode-shift initiatives ranging cycle to work schemes, electric cargo bikes for short haul goods deliveries and ridesharing to/from work via electric taxi’s.


    The innovation series is an interactive gathering where Businesses are introduced to the latest technologies, knowledge, special offers, discounted trials and prototyping workshops that help them build a sustainable travel mindset within their workforce.


    The general format for these events is a keynote, panel discussion, audience Q & A, lightening workshop and networking. The intention is for the events to be part of a living lab and will feature follow-up blog articles, podcasts and worksheets where participants can further interact with the themes, build their networks and implement the insights (in baby steps) within their businesses.


    Executives, Freelancers, Administrators and Leaders from across the Public, Corporate, Small business and Home enterprise sectors will especially gain from participating in this series. The Series also welcomes Academia, Students, Researchers and members of the public with an inquisitive interest in Sustainable Travel behaviour change.