• Product Innovation Studio

    Training + Strategy + Prototypes + Open Data

    We partner with Clients to:

    • clarify complex challenges
    • create the right products  
    • cultivate innovative cultures

    99 Aha! is a global Product Innovation studio with a project portfolio spanning UK, Europe and Australia.


    Our goal is to convert possibilities into practicality. i.e. Translating potential into practical, value creating products.


    Our process is to coach, consult and mentor clients in designing, implementing and iterating more collaborative, generous and entrepreneurial workforce cultures.


    Our offering includes training, workshops and mentoring on:

    • Open data (what it is, why it matters and how you can design open data cultures within your organisation)
    • Innovation strategy (how to create and nurture a dedicated Innovation department)
    • Innovation labs (an experiential learning program for shipping prototypes, learning new perspectives and co-designing with colleagues to current Organisation challenges) 
    • bespoke Creativity & Wellbeing programs
  • The Aha! Process

    Co-designed + Personalised + Evidence-based


    Discovery via Research - gathering, collating & analysing data - viewing the challenge from an objective lens - often an observation of what's missing from the Client's current collection


    Identifying & defining the problem - mapping the customer journey - magnifying the "one key moment" - wearing varieties of thinking 'hats' - studying the problem through varied lenses and perspectives


    Creative spark - generating ideas, inspired by past work - latest trends, dissociated happenings, inside and outside the spaceship, quantity over judgement


    Creative mindset meets Leonardo Da Vinci's toolkit; Systemic thinking + System mapping; Incubation & the Relaxation response


    evaluating feasibility, strengths and weaknesses - Narrowing down options - rapid, realistic prototyping - audiences test prototypes in realistic contexts


    Work to continuously improve, refine and tweak - balancing the juggle - alignment between product hypotheses + business objectives + audience feedback

  • Intelligent mobility @ East London

    Website development + Innovation training + Business strategy + Community culture

    Z.E.N (zero emissions network)

    An intelligent mobility & clean air project

    Our flagship (& debut) project as an Innovation Studio has been leading the design and development of the Z.E.N (zero emissions network) digital platform. This is a dynamic website and CMS (content management system) enabling 1000+ businesses across the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets access Offers & Grants that enable them to operate “cheaper, cleaner, greener”.
    The project is jointly funded and directed by the G.L.A (Greater London Authority), Tfl (Transport for London) and the Mayor of London’s Air Quality fund.
    99 Aha's role in the project included:

    • Stakeholder Interviews with key Council Personnel to ensure internal cultural support for the platform
    • Customer surveys to gain input from local businesses 
    • Insight reports summarising key inputs of local businesses and council stakeholders related to sustainability 
    • Prototyping workshop involving 4 disparate Council departments
    • Project timeline & Product Roadmap in line with Agile/Lean principles 
    • Technical & design personnel - procuring, selecting and managing team & budgets 
    • Training workshops & documentation for Council staff on using the platform
    • Leadership and complete responsibility for managing Project budget's, outsourcing Specialist suppliers and Platform delivery

    The website was launched on Valentine's day 2017 and has won praise from both member businesses and Local Government for its User interface and flexible, modular CMS (content management system). In the first nine months since it's launch, the site has attracted 2700+ new, unique visitors, interactions which otherwise would have been lost.

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