• Walk this City

    "healthier walking experiences"

  • Walk this City

    Natural Environment + Active Travel + Wellbeing

    Walk this City was born in December 2017 during the WWF (World wildlife fund) sponsored Future Cities Hackathon. Over 2 days our team of three moved from the broad themes of traffic congestion and shifting

    car-dominant travel behaviours into a specific mobile app relating to 'walkability'.


    'Walkability' is a measure of how pleasant and attractive an area is to walk. Internationally, it is recognised as one of the key aspects that make a city liveable.


    During the Future Cities Hackathon our team went for a morning walk from the Hackathon venue to Central station. During this walk we were led straight down Ultimo road by Google maps, we were coughing and commented on the noise and pollution level of this busy traffic road. On the return journey, we took the back route down a pedestrian lane-way named "the goods line".


    The goods line route took us through a coloured tile subway with buskers, an open-air space where a couple of final year arts students were showcasing their graduation works, artisan cafe's, modern artistic architecture, a weekly yoga bootcamp on the grass, ping pong tables, shaded communal eating areas and rows of flowers. The walk was energising and took us away from the frizzy pace of finalising an idea for our Hack presentation to the enjoyment of our surroundings and a refreshing walk.


    And via this experience, the idea for "Walk this City" was conceived, produced and submitted. The original submission can be viewed via DevPost-Walk_this_City. The project is now entering its second phase of innovation where over the coming weeks we will review the initial concept and progress it into a prototype.